by Invocata

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These songs were recorded (mostly alone) in the polar vortex of 2013-2014 using Audacity. Invocata rules despite Audacity. Chicago is a Windy City, which is why these songs seem scattered. Still, I am proud of myself.


released February 14, 2014



all rights reserved


Invocata Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: 12V AC
12 Volt
Electric City
Track Name: smoke [ft. @stove & ○vum]
sittin on a golf course smokin a cigarette
like I'm 19 and I don't know where to go
and I'm tellin you how to break up with your girlfriend

tryin to flush my cigarettes down the drain
waitin till I can go to my car and smoke a bowl
so I can go to sleep

written by @atstove
Track Name: half-right

A black inch worm crawls across the shower floor
How the hell did you get here anyway
Getting paid hourly to do whatever dirty work
but whatever we got pills for that in the morning
Give it up give it up for the folks you know
Are you afraid of shadows with faces and hair
or lubed hands in the dark singing all alone


The windowed wind caught our hair
and the bananas ripened with a purpose
Even then the whole scene seemed wasted
The books were busted open and waterlogged
Yeah yeah turn over I know it’s getting late
Could it be the same moon we wished for
when the spare couldnt carry the weight


Fleas, matted hair, hushes and rust water
The sea is all its cracked up to be
and it travels in the night to follow you
It was never the pictures that mattered
unless you had something better to say
I dont know but there must be something
to the way they unfolded like waves


I’ll salvage monkeys from the wreck
and do my cleaning in the dark
Rainwater didn’t change the taste of my milkshake
Two more shakes and a letter did
I’d meant to read it, of course, but the tent needed scrapped
Whether we cleaned it up or didn’t
it’s not so easy to recover from a crash


My hands cut themselves on walls and nails
or else I did it for kicks, stitches and chalk
Bored with what feels bad feels good feels fine
No matter what bleaches and fresheners
I use twice in the morning and the night
that smell won’t come out of the mattress
To get away is worth turning off the light


Could you finish even in the dark
knowing balconies are for broken windows
Broken by hands who open them for themselves
like the windows that needed your hands whole
Sugar water doesn’t go down without a fight
and neither did you if memory serves
or at least that’s what it looks like in the moonlight

Her eyes are always bloody
and so are mine by this time of the night
Hers because we probably don’t feed her well enough
Mine because we probably don’t feed her well enough

I thought it’d spilled so I started and it did
but at least I’d poured some for her
So I had to pour another one even though it was late
It’s not too late to pour another one if it spilled

She’s kicking in her sleep again
unless she still can’t get to sleep
I’m hungry because I worked all day
Tell me what’s her excuse

I’ve come to
love the smell of my spit
flushing away papers
full of information
about myself and you too

look at you
bing beeg binge remember
you know me

Guess who it is
rubbing up against
my fear of the dark
I love to sing in the shower
about fighting back
Track Name: me-ow
me ow
me a ho
me ow
Track Name: NeedMe.doc
I just wanna take care of you,
baby crawlers.
Heed their callers:
"You got to get in to need me."
Know I need you more,
boy aia